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Watch the Agricultural Profile Story Film here and learn more about the Spiral Concept

The Quant Analyzer equipped with the patented Spiral Sampler offers truly representative scanning of very heterogenic samples. This means high value and ease of operation as scanning a large area of one composite sample is enough to get representative results far superior to those produced in petri dish based system.

Spiral sampler side

The Spiral Sampler is designed according to the principles of Theory of sampling (TOS). It has been proven that the Spiral sampler handles compositional Heterogeneity to such performance for most samples, that repeatability performance meets statistics for resampling, fully eliminating the need for multiple samples. Do it once and do it right!

Speed of response

The Spiral Sampler will analyze wet forage and silage samples directly in the easy to fill Agritubes, reducing the response time from 2 days to “5 minutes”. This speed of response will offer real value to the farmer and open up new business opportunities for the central labs.

Wet and dry analysis with one analyzer

Sometimes forage and silage samples are dried and grinded for other analysis purpose. No worries - the Spiral Concept will analyze both wet and dry samples with one analyzer without exchange of accessories, we simply use Agritubes of various length.

Work flow and workers health

With the Spiral Sampler many samples can be prepared in advance. The sample glass is easily filled and emptied again, cleaned and re-used many times. This will secure smooth and easy work flows. Analysis of silage and forage often require a high degree of sample preparation e.g. cutting, grinding, sieving and cleaning, putting a lot of strain on workers’ health. The new Spiral Concept from Q-Interline does not require sample preparation reducing strain on work force and eliminating issues with exposure to dust.

All Quant analyzer running InfraQuant 3.0 and newer are AnalyticTrust enabled. With AnalyticTrust we can serve you better, faster, cheaper and you can obtain trusted results in a very efficient way, optimizing the value of the Analyzer. Read more in the flyer from the download section or follow this link to visit

AgriQuant B8

Watch the Agricultural Profile Story Film here and learn more about the Spiral Concept

Analysis of forage without drying and grinding

Forage like grass and maize silage, is widely used for feeding cows. The farmer needs to know the composition of his forage to make sure he is feeding his cows for optimal milk yield.

Forage samples are widely analysed with NIR, but cumbersome and time consuming drying and grinding of the samples means that it takes up to several days to get an analytical answer for composaition of forage samples. With the AgriQuant B8 it is now possible to analyse wet forage samples directly without drying and grinding. The analytical result is obtained within few minutes on the AgriQuant B8, meaning that the farmer can get a result without waiting time. 

Try to quantify the resources, time and energy you use for drying and grinding forage samples today. Then imagine yourself saving that cost - this is now possible with the patented AgriQuant B8 from Q-Interline. 
AgriQuantB8 Silage 2013 rev1

Sampling - AgriQuant B8

The sample is analysed by reflection measurement in AgriTubes with lid, which are rotating during analysis. When rotating the AgriTubes the analyzer is scanning an area of the sample which is many times larger compared to traditional petri dish solutions. This ensures representative scanning and that effects from sample heterogeneity are reduced.

AgriTubes are available in smaller size which is ideal for analysis of dried and grinded samples. This means that the AgriQuant B8 is the ideal analyzer for forage since it will analyze both dry and wet forage samples on one analyzer.   

The AgriTubes are easily filled, emptied and re-used many times. This secures smooth workflows that the cost per analysis is kept low.

vidrec hdView video of AgriQuant B8


Low cost per sample - High value of ownership

The AgriQuant B8 has no scheduled maintenance and the light source has an expected lifetime of 10 years. There is no need to sign a service and maintenance agreement, which means you can save the cost and time for planning of a service.


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