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Q-Interline develops analytical solutions for process and product quality optimization, based on infrared spectroscopy and correct sampling.

We are working mostly with customers in the food, feed, dairy, agricultural, bio fuels, pharmaceutical and chemical industry as well as related research institutions.

Our committed and competent employees create valuable long-term relations with our customers and we are often seen as a technical advisory partner to our customers.

We operate with high integrity to create a trustworthy atmosphere in which all aspects of the customer’s needs are understood.

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Q-Interline A/S is a family-owned company founded by our CTO Anders Larsen in 1996.
Initially the company was a value adding reseller organization for a range of top brand suppliers of analyzers and spectrometers, and this business segment is still a part of the business for the Scandinavian home markets.

In 2003 Q-Interline designed and introduced the first product in what later became the QPA series of on-line analyzers. The new partnership with ABB Bomem lead in 2004 to the introduction of two at-line systems for a wide range of application within the food, feed and dairy segment and these where distributed in a new network of distributors in Europe.

In 2008 Q-Interline introduced the brand new maintenance free Quant analyzer and with that a new series of powerful accessories as well as a brand new software package InfraQuant. This new technology leap combined with a more global distributor network has taken the company to where we are today, with installations in more than 30 countries around the world.

In 2010 Q-Interline moved to its current headquarter and innovation center in Tølløse 60 km west of Copenhagen.

Q-Interline was ISO9001 certified in 2012 and was recertified in 2017. 

Q-interline obtained its first sampling patent in 2013.

In 2017 Anders Larsen teamed up with Martin Henriksen as new CEO and partner, with the goal to further develope the market presens in Europe and North America. 

2017 was the year Q-Interline was granted a fund from EU horizon 2020 SME program, for the commercialization of the InSight Pro. For further detailes click here: EU Project Page

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Bank: Nykredit

VAT no: 19614409

ISO9001:2015 certified - View certificate here





The basis of reliable and durable work of our analyzers is the software. Part of the programs we buy in the online store, the other part we can trust only our programmers. Therefore, analyzers of Q-Interline show very accurate results.