• The Spiral Concept

    The Spiral Concept

    Change the way you work

    Get more value out of your samples
    The AgriQuant B8, equipped with the patented Spiral Sampler, makes it possible to analyse wet forage samples directly without drying and grinding. The Spiral Sampler is scanning an amazing 375 cm2 surface and delivers representative analytical result within a few minutes.

  • InfraQuant 3.0

    InfraQuant 3.0

    Cloud enabled InfraQuant 3.0 is released

    Many new features in the QC platform for the Quant analyzers.
    The main new feature in InfraQuant 3.0 is the built-in driver for AnalyticTrust making validation easier than ever, but numerous improvements and new functionality makes InfraQuant 3.0 an ideal front-end for the Quant. Contact Q-Interline or its representatives to learn more and discuss upgrade.

  • Value through Insight

    Value through Insight

    Superior solutions for quality and process control

    We understand your needs
    We are an experienced team that work closely with our customers.Through openness and dialogue we are able to understand your challenges and worries. This makes it possible for us to offer unique analytical solutions, develop unmatched sampling accessories and provide you with "Value through Insight".
  • Long-Time Partnership

    Long-Time Partnership

    We are there before, when and after you buy

    Long-term commitment makes a difference
    We offer you expert advice and support before you buy, when you buy and after you buy. To us a buy marks the beginning of a long-term relationship with our customers. Therefore long-term service and support is a top priority for us. We know, that this makes a significant difference and gererate great value to you.
  • AnalyticTrust


    Total Analysis Quality Management

    Make your work life a lot easier
    AnalyticTrust helps you improve your trusted calibration models. AnalyticTrust monitors all of your global quality assurance processes and makes controlling and adjusting all the analytical instruments in your production a lot easier. AnalyticTrust organizes, collects and safeguards all your analytical data; and notifies you, when your attention is needed.


Commitment to us means transforming promises into plans and plans into reality through action. That is why we are committed to make a real difference to our customers and provide you with "Value through Insight".

We are dedicated to meet your specific needs by offering unique solutions and the best advise.

We have a strong team of highly engaged and competent people who offer high quality and outstanding support.

In our long term relations with you, we are a partner who always strive to do the right thing, not the easiest thing. That is why you can always trust us.

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AnalyticTrust is an analytic quality management tool.

AnalyticTrust ensures and improve the highest quality of analytical results from your analyzers.

With AnalyticTrust maintenance of trusted calibration data and adjustment of analytical instruments becomes a lot easier.

AnalyticTrust monitors and safeguards all data and all aspects of analytical processes – locally, as well as globally. It organizes and collects information from the analyzer hardware, the sampling process, reference lab, pilot samples, calibration samples etc.

Q-Interline highly recomend AnalyticTrust to our customers, because it optimize the value of your analytical instruments.

Learn more about AnalyticTrust below.

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Value through Insight

Q-Interline is an engineering company founded by our CTO Anders Larsen in 1996.

At Q-Interline we are committed to provide solutions that make a difference to our customers.

We take dialog, honesty and integrity very seriously. That is why we dedicate time and a lot of effort into understanding your needs - before you buy, when you buy and after you buy.

Our strong competences, engagement, along with our outstanding support and long term relations with our customers bring “Value through insight”.

With Q-Interline you get a partner that knows all about sampling.

We have developed unique patented FT-NIR and FT-IR solutions that make our analyzers fast, easy to handle and cost efficient.

In under a minute our solutions provide you with accurate knowledge of the specific content in your products

That is why we for 20 years have been a prefered supplier and provider of analytical solutions and measuring equipment to the dairy, feed, food and agricultural industry worldwide, as well as the chemical and pharmaceutical industry and related research and educational institutions.

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